skin care

At Sun's day Spa, we’re dedicated to using the finest natural and organic products to maximize your skin’s health, rejuvenate your body, and provide anti-aging benefits. While focusing on your skin’s health, we look for ways to improve collagen, elasticity, and hydration, as well as share with you any unusual findings.

1. Deep Cleansing 2. Spa Deluxe 3. Spa Royal 4. Clarifying 5. Aroma the Herbal 6. Herbal Peeling 7. Collagen Mask 8. Seaweed Faciall 1hour 30min European Facial Deep cleansing treatment to help restore the look and feel of healthy skin. This customize treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions a treatment mask, moisturizing protection. Micro Dermabrasion Achieving radiant skin and smoothes away the appearance of pores &fine lines. Anti - aging treatment providing successful result as microdermabrasion, but with less irritation. Special Clinical Features The Hyperthermia machine: burn fat (weight reduce), Lift skin and stranger microcirculatory system. All facial include a through skin Analysis and consultation.

1time   $120

6 times $600










60min  $80

6 times $400

1Hour $100

6 times $500


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Sun's Day Spa is a full service salon with experts in body services, nail care, waxing, skin care, and other treatments.